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  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 31m

    @GemmaCarter23 Hi Gemma, could you email the video to and and tell us where the incident took place?

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 1h

    A50 Knutsford Rd Swingbridge to close to traffic in about 25 minutes, then A49 London Rd & A5060 Chester Rd bridge

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 3h

    Heavy Traffic Congestion around the Creamfields Site A56 Daresbury - Avoid the area if Possible #Creamfields2015

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 4h

    For the latest traffic update tune in to your local radio station. #Creamfields2015

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 4h

    #Creamfields2015 concludes today – traffic on the #M56 is likely to be heavier than normal.

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 6h

    Please drive carefully around the Shipbrook Road area of Davenham in Northwich. There is a report of a cow in the road. #Moooooo

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 6h

    Please drive carefully on the A49 Acton Bridge area. There are a report of 3 sheep in the road #baaaaa

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 8h

    For crime, justice and the law, please check out GOV.UK, which has information and guidance on many aspects of the law #HereForYou

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 9h

    A5060 Chester Rd Swingbridge to close to traffic at approx 04.50hrs, then A49 London Rd & A50 Knutsford Rd bridge #HereForYou

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 20h

    Day 24- Rural Officers out on proactive patrol in lanes & wooded areas acting on reports of drug use & ASB #100daysRC

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