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Leading The Way....To Be The Best In The Country

Why Change?

The Constabulary is Leading The Way to make Cheshire the safest county in the country.  The current era of policing is challenging – the nature of crime is changing, budgets are shrinking and you, the public, rightly expect a professional service that maintains the highest standards to keep them safe.

Since 2010, we have made £37m savings, but over the next four years we have to make a further £34m savings from our current budget of £190m.  In July 2014, we looked at the cost and effectiveness of our current services and, as a consequence, Priority Based Budgeting was introduced. A tried and trusted method involving staff across the Constabulary, this has looked at how we can make ourselves fit for the future – streamlining the way we do things, meeting the challenges of anti-social behaviour and crime, identifying what we can stop doing and which areas need further investment.

What is our ambition?


To protect individuals and property, and prevent harm to communities, underpinned by the ethos of public service. 


To make Cheshire the safest place in the country, and be a police force here for you when it matters, where it matters.

The Design Principles

To develop proposals on how the Force may look and feel, eight ‘design’ principles were identified that would provide the foundations on which all proposals would be built, and against which they would be tested. They are:

Culture, Values & Leadership

To be open and transparent, accountable and innovative:

  • The code of ethics will be the core Force values.
  • Constructive challenge and honest feedback will be encouraged and central to our leadership expectations.
  • We will lead by example, articulating the behaviours we expect and value and seeking challenge and feedback.
  • We will strive to become a reflective and inclusive organisation where opportunities, promotion and reward are based on merit    .

Our People

To be skilled, mobile and empowered:

  • We trust our people to make decisions and will give them the skills and knowledge to do this.
  • We understand the importance to frontline supervision and will invest in their leadership skills and ensure appropriate supervision ratios.
  • We will understand what our people do and will provide them with regular feedback to improve our performance and challenge underperformance.
  • We understand the importance of engaging staff in decisions and will listen and involve our staff in improving our services.


To have a modern, well-equipped and flexible infrastructure:

  • We will have access to fit for purpose bases that enable effective deployment, modern ways of working and are efficient to run.
  • We understand the benefits of  co-location and will actively seek opportunities.
  • We will ensure staff have fit for purpose equipment, but build in efficient value for money standard specifications were possible in our procurement processes. 

Public Focus

To be victim-centred, visible and responsive to our communities:

  • Neighbourhood policing will be the foundation of our model, providing a visible, local accountable service to the community.
  • We will help to build community capacity to enable people to support themselves.
  • We will offer a choice in the way people contact us and provide simple access to information to help people protect themselves.
  • We will seek feedback on how we are performing, encouraging public participation, to improve our services.

Service Delivery

To be proactive, pre-emptive and preventative:

  • We will use evidence based practice to prevent crime and by understanding and tackling root cause with partners reduce the unnecessary demands on services – ‘prevent the predictable’.
  • We will align resources to demand and tailored our response to the need of the individual whilst maintaining consistent internal processes – ‘respond effectively’.
  • We will continue to take a rounded approach to response seeking to prevent incidents recurring through diversion / intervention and victim care.


For it to be interoperable, accessible and secure:

  • We will enable staff to work in an agile way with secure access to the information and systems in the field to maximise their time.
  • We will design / have access to systems that have a simple user interface for staff / public.
  • Where possible we will use standard systems that enable interoperability.
  • We will use technology as a crime fighting tool as well as a way of improving the productivity of staff and enabling access for the public where access to police is not cost effective.


To have accessible information, at the right time to make the right decisions:

  • The value of the information we manage and hold will have a greater focus, as well as how we manage the risk and enable access to partners to improve services and prevent harm.
  • There will be a focus on data quality ensuring audit and inspection is proportionate to the impact and threat.
  • Access to timely data for staff to enable then to understand key processes and performance will be readily available with an expectation they use the tools available to improve performance.


To have collaborative, joined up, public orientated, efficient services.:

  • We will work with partners and collaborate with clear outcomes to improve services for the public or meet the requirements of the national policing and where practicable underpin these by formal agreements.
  • We will seek to join / integrate our resources where we can see benefits to resolve complex problems, protect people or reduces offending.
  • We will share and manage information to deliver better value for the public or to improve services.

We have set ourselves a clear mission – to protect individuals and property, and prevent harm to communities, underpinned by the ethos of public service.   We have developed the vision to make Cheshire the safest place in the country and made a commitment to be a police force here for you where it matters, when it matters.


About Us

Cheshire Constabulary was founded in 1857 and serves a population of 1,027,709 inhabitants spread across a geographic area measuring 919 square miles and encompassing areas of great diversity, from large rural expanses to areas of extensive heavy industry and urban areas including Chester and Warrington with their vibrant commercial, retail and leisure facilities.

Cheshire is a place where pockets of extreme wealth contrast with areas which are amongst the most deprived 10% of locations in the country. The county is also home to 53,108 students between the ages of 16 and 74. Both the University of Chester and Manchester Metropolitan University have major campuses in the county.

Cheshire shares its borders with two major metropolitan areas; Manchester and Liverpool and the international airports that serve these cities are within close proximity. More than 200 miles of motorway and the West Coast Mainline railways run through the county.

In 2013/14 the Force dealt with 340,604 calls for service and recorded 54,905 crimes, a reduction in crime of 3% compared to 2012/13. Cheshire has observed year on year reductions in recorded crime for the previous 8 years. Crime rates in Cheshire have fallen by 38% over the last decade.

The Constabulary employs more than 4,000 men and women across the Force. There are 1,948 police officers, 211 PCSOs, 1,329 members of police staff, 405 Special Constables and 140 volunteers.

Cheshire Constabulary has a gross budget of £190 million (£165 million net).

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