Advice and Information

Cheshire Police's advice and information section is intended to answer any questions you might have about the way we police, the law in relation to certain crimes and what you can expect if you find yourself in particular situations. 

Contacting the Police

Cheshire Constabulary is committed to being easily accessible when you want to contact us. In order for us to do this as effectively as possible and so that you get the assistance you need quickly, it is important that you contact us on the correct number.


Always use 999 in an emergency. Our 999 call handlers strive to answer all calls within 10 seconds.

You should dial 999 if:

  • there is a danger to life
  • violence is used or threatened
  • a serious crime (violent crime/burglary) is in progress or likely to occur
  • a suspect for a serious crime is nearby
  • there is a road traffic collision involving personal injury or danger to other road users
  • a vulnerable person needs urgent attention

Reporting emergencies if you are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impediment

By text phone (Typetalk)

You can now call the police using Typetalk emergency line 18000.

By SMS text message

You can also use Emergency SMS (ESMS) service to send an emergency text message. Before you are able to send an emergency text message you will need to register your mobile phone with the system.

After you have registered your phone, you will be able to send text messages to 999. Guidance on how to send an emergency text message is available on the ESMS website.


For non-emergency calls, call 101. Using 999 for general enquiries may delay response to someone who needs urgent assistance.

You should dial 101 (the non-emergency number) if:

  • you want to report a crime or criminal damage that is not in progress at the time of your call
  • you want to report a minor road traffic collision
  • you want to contact your local police officer
  • you want to enquire about lost property or provide information to the police
  • you need information or advice

Reporting a non-emergency if you are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impediment

You can now contact the police through Typetalk for non-emergency situations on 18001 101.

Contacting from abroad

To contact Cheshire Constabulary from abroad ring +44 1244 350 000

Crime Prevention Advice and Support

For further information or more specific advice and guidance please contact your local Crime Reduction Advisor

Area Advisor Telephone number Email address
Halton Phil Buckley 01606 36 3971
Eastern Area Mark Cotton 01606 36 4326
Eastern Area Alison Gabbott 01606 36 3576
Western Area Dave Owens 01606 36 6031

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