Job profile

A Police Constable needs many strengths to perform this challenging role. Here, you'll find a detailed Job Description, Person Specification and the Competencies you'll need to show ability in.

Job Title: Police Probationer Constable

Job Purpose: To undergo a course of instruction in all aspects of Police work, both in and out of the classroom that will render the individual capable of independent patrol

Main tasks and responsibilities

The main tasks and responsibilities for a Probationer Police Constable are all undertaken whilst being supervised by a member of the training staff.


  1. Interview persons suspected of criminal offences to ascertain the truth
  2. Interview and record statements from witnesses and victims of occurrences to ascertain the truth
  3. Process persons through the custody office by documentation, finger printing and photographing
  4. Identify persons committing criminal offences and breaches of the peace and deal with those persons according to force policy
  5. Speak to and reassure the public, victims of crime, victims of accidents and give advice on crime prevention


  1. Patrol assigned beat and familiarise self with persons and property in the area to identify policing needs and maintain good relations with the public
  2. Gather policing information on beat area and submission of such, through written and verbal means


  1. Attend court as a witness and give evidence according to formalised procedures
  2. Liaise with officers from specialised departments and outside agencies to resolve allocated cases
  3. Write pocket notebook entries, statements and other documentation, prepare files for court and other interested parties
  4. Liaise with colleagues and supervision to ensure that work is co-ordinated to shift objectives.


  1. Undertake the searching of persons, vehicles and premises to locate evidence and the recording of circumstances
  2. Attend the scenes of crimes to obtain details, preserve evidence and initiate criminal enquiries
  3. Attend scenes of road traffic accidents, administer first-aid when necessary, interview participants and record details.
  4. Record details of missing persons and possibly undertake searches in the immediate vicinity
  5. Be proficient in the use of everyday technical equipment, including radio, telephone, staff, handcuffs, breath testing device, riot shield, fire extinguisher, tape recording machines, computers, etc.
  6. Ensure the safe keeping and lawful disposal of any property that comes into your possession
  7. Attend scenes of sudden death and record details for coroner, ensuring that all persons are dealt with in a caring and compassionate manner
  8. Undergo police instruction both in and out of the classroom
  9. Undertake any other duties that a police officer may be required to carry out.