Minimum requirements

Are you the right person to become a Police Constable?

This section contains details on Cheshire Constabulary's recruiting requirements to become a Police Constable. These cover age, residency, health, physical fitness, eyesight, financial and legal status as well as educational requirements.

We also recommend you take some simple judgement tests on the ‘Police Could You’ website to find out if you have the right skills to be a Police Officer.

Being a police officer is not just having a demanding job. The public have to be able to put great trust in police officers who hold very significant powers and responsibilities. The Cheshire Constabulary requires everyone who works for us to share our values of Service, Professionalism, Integrity, Compassion and Equality and Fairness. The standards required of police officers have now been laid out nationally in a Code of Ethics. ( Before deciding to apply to be a police officer please read the code and consider very carefully whether these are standards you can commit to demonstrating at all times both during and outside working hours..

People wishing to join Cheshire Constabulary must be:

  • A holder of the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) from a College of Policing approved provider
  • At least 18 years old
  • A British citizen, a Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of the Irish Republic or a Foreign National with unrestricted right of residence in the UK
  • Resident for three years in UK prior to application
  • Be able to pass a fitness and medical assessment
  • Meet the eyesight standard
  • Prepared to work shifts and serve anywhere in the Cheshire area
  • Dedicated to providing a service to the people of Cheshire and be prepared to uphold the Police Service Statement of Common Purpose and Values

You must not be a member of the following organisations:

  • The British National Party
  • Combat 18
  • The National Front

You must not have an ongoing application with another Police Force or had an application to the Cheshire Police or any other police force rejected at the following stages:

  • Rejection at Assessment Centre in the past six months
  • Rejection at Physical Test in the past six months after three attempts
  • Rejected at Force Interview in the past six months

Previous Convictions and Cautions

Each case is considered individually. However, any cautions or convictions as an adult for violence, dishonesty or serious motoring offences may lead to a rejection of your application.

Financial Matters

Applicants will have their financial status checked. These checks are carried out because Police Officers have access to privileged information which may make them vulnerable to corruption.

Applicants with either outstanding County Court Judgements, IVAs or who have been registered bankrupt with outstanding debts will be rejected. If you have discharged your debts, you will need to provide a Certificate of Satisfaction with your application.


The eyesight standards you need to meet either with or without spectacles or contact lenses are:

Distance vision

  • Unaided: If you wear spectacles or contact lenses you should also be able to reach 6/36 without your spectacles or lenses
  • Aided: 6/12 or better with either eye 6/6 or better with both eyes together

Near vision

  • 6/9 with both eyes

Colour vision

  • The use of colour correcting lenses and sever colour vision deficiencies (monochromats) are unacceptable.
  • Severe anomalous dichromats or trichomats are acceptable.

Eye surgery

  • LASIK, LASEK, PRK and epiflap cataract surgery are acceptable providing six weeks has elapsed since surgery.
  • Radial Keratotomy, Arcuate Keratotomy or Corneal Grafts are unacceptable.

You will need an optician to sign that you meet the standards. If you have had your eyes tested in the last 12 months, a copy of the test results should be sufficient.


It is okay for you to have tattoos but we will need to see a photograph to ensure you do not have any tattoos which could cause offence. Tattoos are not acceptable if they are particularly prominent, garish, offensive or undermine the dignity and authority of your role.


Police officers encounter stressful situations, trauma, physical confrontation and work long hours on shifts. They need to be resilient enough to cope with the demands and pressures of police work. Applicants must therefore be in good health mentally and physically to undertake police duties. If you pass the recruitment stages, you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire and get it signed by your doctor. You will then undergo a medical examination to ensure you meet the health standards required.

Take a look at the Medical Standards for more information about some of the conditions that can exclude you from joining Cheshire Constabulary.

Physical Fitness

The purpose of the fitness test is to ensure that candidates have a basic level of fitness for entry into the police service.

You will carry out a shuttle run over a 15 metre area and run in time with a bleep. At the end of each level, the time in between the bleeps is shortened and you therefore have to run faster to keep up with the pace. You will complete four shuttle runs and the recruit pass mark is level 5.4. This involves running for approximately 3 minutes 40 seconds.

Attendance criteria

Currently all applications are considered on attendance for the two years previous to the date of application. There are certain absences that may be discounted for the following reasons:

1. The absence is covered by the Disability Discrimination Act

2. The absence was considered a one off (usually an operation)

3. The absence was pregnancy related.

All candidates that exceed the parameters will not be able to apply for roles until their attendance meets the required criteria.