Chief Inspector Rob Dickinson

My priority is to provide a quality local policing service; for us to be there when people need us most. When someone needs our help us I want our team to be there promptly, ensuring we do our very best to meet their individual needs. In order to prevent and investigate crime and anti-social behaviour, it is paramount we understand the problems and use the tactical options available to address them.

Engaging with communities in Macclesfield is key to neighbourhood policing. There is no doubt that the more people see of us in everyday life the better they feel. When done correctly this works to create a virtuous cycle where this familiarity increases communication, promotes trust, gives us more accurate information to work with and improves the way we respond which ultimately provides a better service and leads back to further engagement.

It is vital that we as Police Officers treat people openly and fairly. It is really important people see the legitimacy in our actions as it is a big driver in gaining public confidence.

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Unit information

Macclesfield Police Station

Brunswick Street


SK10 1HQ

Opening Times

Thursday - 3rd Sep: 8am to 8pm
Friday - 4th Sep: 8am to 8pm
Saturday - 5th Sep: 8am to 8pm
Sunday - 6th Sep: 9am to 6pm
Monday - 7th Sep: 8am to 8pm
Tuesday - 8th Sep: 8am to 8pm
Wednesday - 9th Sep: 8am to 8pm

T: 0845 458 6371


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