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Inspector Richie Watts

I am Richie Watts, the Inspector for Warrington Town Centre, based at Arpley Street Police Station, Warrington.

I have over 20 years service as a Police officer with Cheshire Constabulary in a number of varying roles both as a uniformed front line operational officer, as a Custody Officer, CID Duties and also working with Prolific and Persistent offenders.

In my current role, I am managing both Town Centre Neighbourhood and Incident Response duties with the emphasis being the provision of a high quality policing service to all residents of and visitors to the town centre. The chief objective of myself and my staff is to ensure that as a visitor or resident, you are safe and feel safe whilst in the Town Centre of Warrington during both Daytime and Night time hours.

The Town Centre has a dedicated, highly motivated and thoroughly committed team of Police Officers and PCSOs’ who are striving to ensure that you are safe in the town centre as a resident, worker or visitor.

With my team, we are seeking to further develop the strong links that have been forged with residents, licensed premises, retail outlets, businesses, cultural groups, voluntary groups and partner agencies within the Town Centre area and we will continue to work closely with them all.

The Town Centre NPU was initially formed in 2008 some excellent successes have been achieved since the formation. Since that time, the town centre area has developed and will continue to develop further with the Town Centre Regeneration scheme and the burgeoning Cultural Quarter.

It is anticipated that more and more visitors will come to the Town Centre and for this reason I will ensure that my Constables and PCSOs’ will continue to be visible and available to you, providing reassurance, making you feel safe, preventing, deterring and detecting crime and disorder.

My priorities are to provide a high quality policing service to you and to ensure that the quality of your life is our key consideration. My staff will respond in an effective, timely and professional manner and will provide a high standard of investigation for all incidents.

My staff and I are wholly committed to reducing violent crime, retail crime and anti social behaviour in the town centre in order that it is a safer place to live, work and visit.

You are an integral part in the success of policing at a local level and I would encourage you to tell the Police Officers and PCSOs about any issues concerning you.

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Local Priorities

  • From 01/06/2015 To 30/06/2015-Warrington Town Centre - Golden Square, Town Centre Shopping Streets & Cockhedge Shopping Centre

    Priority Type: Retail Crime - Daytime Economy

    Description: Town Centre patrols will continue to target offences of theft, theft from the person and theft from motor vehicles. Targeted operations are being conducted to reduce these types of crime and there will be increased high visibility patrols throughout the day and evening in order to offer reassurance to shoppers. There will continue to be close liaison between retail stores, the town centre CCTV and the Police. If you have any information regarding persons committing theft offences in the Town Centre, please contact using 101.

  • From 01/06/2015 To 30/06/2015-Warrington Town Centre & Cultural Quarter including the Bus Station

    Priority Type: Community Issues - Anti Social Behaviour, Violence against the Person

    Description: My staff and are I are working hard to positively and robustly address Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) and offences of Violence at all times of day and night, but with particular attention being given to the vibrant Night Time Economy. We will be continuing with interventions and fair but firm policing initiatives to improve the quality of life for persons living, working and socialising within the Town Centre and Cultural Quarter. Pro-active action is to be taken to those persons wishing to adversely effect the lives of others within the Town Centre and to deal with spontaneous incidents of Anti Social Behaviour and Disorder. Officers will be pro-actively using Dispersal Order Notice powers to remove potentially problematic people from the Town centre before an incident arises as a result of their deteriorating behaviour. All residents, employees and persons socialising within the Town Centre are encouraged to Contact Cheshire Constabulary to report ASB and incidents of violence using the 101 phone number or 999 in the case of an emergency.

  • From 01/06/2015 To 30/06/2015-Town Centre Pedal Cycle Thefts

    Priority Type: Recent spate of pedal cycles being stolen within the Town Centre

    Description: The Warrington Town Centre NPU Officers, supported by officers from the Warrington Central Special Constabulary will be undertaking an operation within the Town Centre to pro-actively target, identify and arrest those persons responbsible for bicycle theft offences. PCSOs will also be undertaking reassurance patrols and offering Bicycle Security advice in concert with Town Centre partner agencies

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