Impressive teamwork on motorway safety

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23 Jan 2012

Safety checks on lorries using the M6 in Cheshire are a first-class example of inter-agency teamwork, says Cheshire Police Authority.

Five members of the Authority visited the site beside the motorway at Sandbach which is shared by the Cheshire Police Commercial Vehicle Unit, the Highways Agency, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and Customs Officers.

Work carried out there includes checks on lorry drivers' working hours, tests on lorry brakes, tyres and other possible safety issues, measuring the weight of vehicles and loads and checks for illegal fuel use.

Adrian Walmsley, Vice Chairman of the Authority said,

We were really impressed by the way the different agencies pull together. The purpose of the work here is to keep the motorway safe for all the people who use it. These officers never lose sight of that.

- Adrian Walmsley, Vice Chairman Cheshire Police Authority
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