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22 Feb 2013

Ashton Hayes

  • On 28.01.13 a small disturbance was reported at The Golden Lion public house. A local man has received a warning regarding his drunken behaviour. The Golden Lion remains closed as it no longer has a licence to sell alcohol.


  • Officers are continuing to target speeding motorists through the village. As a result we are getting less frequent reports of anti social driving through Mouldsworth.


  • Officers have investigated a report of an affray that occurred over the festive period on Hockenhull Avenue. Despite protracted enquiries by Police the crown prosecution service have decided the suspect will not be charged.
  • On 29.01.13 we took a report of a suspicious man in Tarvin trying door handles of houses on High street, the information came from a passing motorist. Uniformed offers and plain clothed officers were swiftly deployed to the area to search for him. A number of local people on the high street matching the description were stopped and spoken to but after a brief chat with police it was confirmed they were unconnected to this matter but happy to assist police. Officers remained in the area for some time and a Polish man delivering charity collection bags was stopped and identified as the man reported. No offences were disclosed however we welcome reports of such activity.
  • During January officers took reports of a suspicious man walking around the village in the early hours. A couple of female residents expressed concerns regarding the man. Police have identified him, spoken to him and we are satisfied there is a perfectly innocent explanation to the males activities.


  • On 07.02.2013 a burglary occurred on The Wynd. 2 offenders were seen by a witness to enter the insecure front porch and had looked through drawers. It is believed they were looking for keys to a car parked on the driveway. The men were described as both white, 5’6” to 5’7” tall of slight build. 1 had light brown mousey hair and wore a dark bubble jacket and bright green trainers. The other had dark brown hair and wore black jeans / trousers and black shoes. If you saw anyone similar or know who they are we would like to hear from you. Please dial 101.
  • On 02.1.13 and on 04.1.13 a resident of Dog Lane discovered a hand grenade and an artillery shell in his garden which had been sitting there unnoticed since the war.

Duddon/ Clotton

  • The bus stop by the Headless Woman public house was reported to police as damaged. If you know anything about this matter please let us know. During January police have spent considerable time dealing with a neighbour dispute having taken repeated calls from a group of residents in Fieldside. 1 resident has been charged with assault and has been bailed to court.
  • A resident of New Road, Duddon has been reported to DVLA for having no road Tax, he has also been warned regarding parking his vehicle in an inconsiderate place.

Local Police officer drop in surgery dates

Ashton Hayes. The village hall car park Tuesday at 2pm. 05/03/13.

Tarvin. The Community Centre library held on Thursdays at 2:30pm 07/03/13.

Mouldsworth. Train station car park on Mondays at 2pm 04/03/13.

Kelsall. Community centre on Wednesdays at 2pm 28/11/12.

Please note it is not always possible for an officer to attend and on occasion we have to divert at short notice due to a requirement to respond to emergency calls, if I am not at the surgery and you need to speak to me please telephone on 101 and your message will be relayed to me.


PC Steve Trow

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