Force Intelligence Bureau (FIB)

The Force Intelligence Bureau based at Winsford HQ forms part of the Major Crime Directorate (MCD) and is responsible for all aspects of intelligence affecting the Constabulary. The primary function of FIB is to receive intelligence from several sources, assess the intelligence, record it on the force intelligence system and to ensure that actionable intelligence is allocated to the most appropriate owner as expeditiously as possible. FIB receives in excess of 40,000 intelligence reports per year which originate from a number of sources; front line officers, other police forces, HQ specialist crime teams, National Crime Agency (NCA), Crimestoppers and other government organisations.

To support the expeditious flow of intelligence FIB has a network of Local Intelligence Officers (LIO) and Field Intelligence Officers (FIO) geographically located in each of the eight Local Policing Units (LPU). LIO’s and FIO’s work in conjunction with FIB to develop the intelligence into opportunities for positive action, an example being Operation Gigantic the Constabulary’s response to cannabis cultivation. There are several recent examples where intelligence has been generated by uniform officers or the public, assessed by FIB, developed by FIO’s culminating in search warrants being executed and large amounts of drugs and cash being seized. The implementation of the new Constabulary Task Force and LPU Operations Room has provided both FIB and the LPU’s with a team of skilled and experienced staff who can deploy at short notice to assist in such search warrants and arrests.  

Another key function of FIB is provided by the team of Intelligence Analysts. This team provide a wide range of services across the Constabulary be it strategic issues such as the management of the force resource tasking process or more operational support such as evidence presentation for court proceedings and crime pattern analysis. The analytical team supports all sections of the Constabulary including LPU’s, the Major Incident Team (MIT) and the Public Protection Directorate (PPD).

FIB ensures that the Constabulary has 24/7 access to intelligence, the Intelligence Management Unit (IMU) provides staff 24/7, 365 days a year to respond to any intelligence requests. The IMU are instrumental in supporting the Constabulary’s out of hour’s response to serious incidents such as firearms, high risk missing from home, threat to life incidents and the search for wanted persons.