Safer Schools and Young People Partnership

The Safer Schools and Young People Partnership (SSYPP) was originally launched back in September 2002 as the Safer School Partnership.

It has evolved over the years to reflect the changing needs of young people and there are now eleven officers who work within the SSYPP as the force’s designated Youth Engagement Officers.

Along with local policing units, the SSYPP and its Youth Engagement Officers aim to help reduce the levels of anti-social behaviour and crime, both by and against young people, through education and raising awareness of the issues they may face.

Focusing on early intervention and prevention, the SSYPP works closely with schools, colleges and other local agencies to:

  • Reduce victimisation, criminality and anti-social behaviour within the school and community
  • Work with schools on whole-school approaches to behaviour and discipline
  • Identify and work with children and young people at risk of becoming victims or offenders
  • Ensure the full-time education of young offenders
  • Support vulnerable children and young people through periods of transition, such as the move from primary to secondary school
  • Create a safer environment for children to learn in.

Find out more about some of the community projects the SSYPP work on to engage with young people in the county.

Youth Engagement Officers

The role of the Youth Engagement Officer, formerly called School Liaison Officers, is to work closely with schools, staff and to promote positive relationships between young people and the police.

All of Cheshire Police’s Youth Engagement Officers are experienced officers who have been handpicked for the role because of their vast knowledge of the community.

Officers by area

PC Amy Fletcher (Central Co-Ordinator)

PC Sally-Anne Malone (Chester LPU) 

PC Martin Shore (Crewe LPU)

PC Sarah Bailiff (Ellesmere Port LPU)

PC Jane Commins (Macclesfield LPU)

PC Jim Day (Northwich LPU)

PC Suzi Williams (Runcorn LPU)

PC Peter White (Warrington LPU)

PC Jane Tetlow (Widnes LPU)

Road Safety Education

PC Kerry Christmas (Road Safety Education Officer - Force wide)

Youth PCSOs

Further information

If you would like further information about the Safer Schools and Young People Partnership or Princes Trust Youth Engagement please contact

SHARP (School Help and Reporting Page)

The main ethos of SHARP is to give the youth of today a means of communication, by allowing young people to communicate with authority at a time and place of their choosing, and with anonymity.

It is also designed to not criminalise ‘kids for being kids’ but to change their behaviour through a number of methods under the three main themes - prevention, education and enforcement.

Research suggests that most incidents at schools and in the local community are never reported but are common knowledge on the school yard.  The core function of the SHARP system is to provide a confidential reporting system in school, which works alongside any existing school reporting procedures and policies.  The system uses modern communication tools i.e. the internet and mobile phones, rather than ‘old fashioned face to face’ conversation, which research has shown most youths of today prefer to use, the system is a 24/7, 365 day a year, multi-functional computer based system covering confidential school reporting of incidents in school and the local community.

The SHARP system is now installed within many of our schools right across Cheshire, Halton and Warrington. Cheshire Constabulary are running a SHARP system which works alongside the schools that have the system, but offers the same service/provision to those that are unable to access the system at their own community school.