Policing Creamfields

Who will be there?

A variety of staff will be involved in the policing of the event over the Bank Holiday weekend.

These will include:

  • Police Officers
  • Police Community Support Officers
  • Members of the Special Constabulary
  • Police staff

The officers will be from across the Cheshire policing area and are an addition to those officers who are normally on duty so as not to interfere with normal policing operations.

The policing operation starts on Thursday 24 August and will run until Monday 28 August.

Officers have been assigned to various roles during the weekend. Within the event officers will be carrying out a variety of tasks – including regularly patrolling the campsite to provide reassurance to campers and to deter thieves, deal with any incidents of crime and disorder and support the security staff.

Externally, officers will be involved with traffic management and policing in the local community that surrounds the site. The local policing inspectors that cover the area will be working throughout the weekend with a team of dedicated community officers to deal with any issues that arise and to minimise any disruption to local residents.

As well as the uniformed officers on the site and in the surrounding areas there will also be dog handlers, specialist investigators, search team officers and public order officers.

Where will we be based?

As well as our work in the local community we will also be based on the site in Daresbury during the event.

There will be a police station set up on the site. This will be clearly signposted within the event arena. The police station will be staffed by officers and will be open to festival goers who will be urged to report any incidents during the weekend.

Senior officers on the site will co-ordinate the policing of the event in liaison with senior officers at the main police station in Warrington.

What will we be doing?

Planning one of the force’s biggest events started earlier this year. The team is made up of police officers and police staff from different departments around the force bringing together experience from a number of different areas. Some of the team have been involved in previous events, either in the planning or policing of Creamfields. Others bring fresh ideas to the table.

The team is working hard behind the scenes to ensure there are robust plans in place to deal with crime and disorder, anti-social behaviour, noise and traffic issues as well as managing public safety and providing reassurance to festival goers and local residents.

As part of this planning process the team is working in partnership with the event organisers, security staff, other emergency services, local authorities, drug and alcohol support groups, local parish councils and residents.

There are many aspects of policing that has to be taken into consideration for this event.

These include:

  • Community policing
  • Traffic management
  • Drug drive testing
  • Drugs liaison officers
  • Search officers
  • Specialist dog handlers
  • Campsite patrol officers
  • Public order officers
  • Detective Investigators
  • On-site Police Station staff.

Officers will also be assisting security staff on site. They will be patrolling all parts of the site to offer reassurance to ticket holders, to deter crime and disorder and to ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy themselves. They will also be dealing with any incidents and helping the event organisers in the event of a major incident.

Reporting crime at Creamfields

To report a crime during the event, please visit the on-site police stations, one will be situated at the North entrance and one will be situated at the campsite village. These will both be clearly signposted.

You can also contact Cheshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

If someone (including yourself) is in immediate danger or if a crime has been committed and the offender is on the premises or near the area always dial 999.