Cheshire Constabulary Domestic Abuse Action Plan 2018-19

Domestic abuse is a key priority for the Constabulary.

Our domestic abuse action plan helps us to ensure that our officers and staff consistently meet the standards required in identifying, responding to and investigating domestic abuse and that our victims are protected from further harm and supported throughout the process.

Action Plan Aims and objectives

We will ensure that domestic abuse is a force-wide priority supported by effective leadership.

We will ensure that the constabulary works with partners to identify offenders, to manage them robustly and to prevent further harm to victims and families.

We will ensure that our initial response is appropriately resourced and that our procedures for assessing and managing risk are well understood and appropriately used by our officers and staff.

We will ensure that appropriate safeguarding is in place for all victims of domestic abuse and that our officers are aware of the procedures for safeguarding victims.

We will ensure that our investigations are effective and that we secure positive outcomes for the victims involved.

We will continuously evaluate the training and awareness packages our officers receive to make sure they remain relevant and fit for purpose.


Throughout the year we will provide quarterly updates on the progress that we are making. The next update will be in June 2018.