Support for victims of human trafficking and modern slavery

Victims of trafficking are entitled to help and protection from the UK Government via the National Referral Mechanism. The National Referral Mechanism has been put in place to identify victims of trafficking and refer them to organisations that will offer help and support. They can also get independent emotional, medical and practical help which could include:

  • Finding temporary safe accommodation.
  • Helping with medical treatment.
  • Having someone to help them cope with their experience.
  • Providing an interpreter/translator to help communicate in English.
  • Independent legal advice.

Partnership Services

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides immediate and intensive support to ensure victims of trafficking are given the best possible chance of recovery, with the aim of restoring each individual’s dignity and freedom. The support offers unconditional assistance and is available to any trafficked adult in England and Wales, irrespective                                                                       of race, gender, religion, sexuality, or immigration status.

Migrant Help

Migrant Help is responsible for support services for adult female and male victims of Human Trafficking. For cases in Scotland and NI they are a primary contact. Available 24 hours a day.



Eaves' Poppy Project

The Poppy Project provides support, advocacy and accommodation to trafficked women.



Kalayaan Provide advice, advocacy and support services in the
                                                  UK for migrant domestic workers.

Medaille Trust

Medaille Trust help women, young men and children who have been freed from human-trafficking. They provide safe housing
                                                 and offer opportunities for physical and psychological healing
                                                 and rehabilitation.

Unseen UK

Unseen UK secure accommodation for women of 18 years and over who are classified as survivors/victims of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation and domestic servitude.

UK Government

The UK Government has produced a leaflet to support victims of trafficking.



If you suspect it, report it

In an emergency dial 999

Non emergencies- 101

Crimestoppers- 0800 555 111