Roads and Vehicle Safety

This section of the website contains advice and information to help you use the roads of Cheshire safely.

Cheshire's roads are not only used daily by citizens of Cheshire but are also major travel routes for those living outside of Cheshire, especially for people travelling into Manchester or Liverpool. Cheshire Police work hard to prevent accidents and keep the roads of Cheshire safe by working with communities to educate road users on road and vehicle safety.

Take the time to read the advice in this section on how to use the roads safely.

Advice and Information

Below are a number of sections that will provide you with advice and information in regards to road safety and security.

General driving requirements

There are a number of requirements which you must meet before you can legally drive on the roads.


Abnormal loads

An abnormal load is one which cannot, without undue expense or risk of damage, be divided into two or more loads for the purpose of being carried on a road.

Car maintenance, safety and security

Taking care of your car is very important and ensuring that everything is working correctly is a must before you travel on long journeys. Driving requires 100% concentration at all times, otherwise you are putting your own life and everybody else's in danger.


There are a number of important steps you should take if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a collision on the roads

Commercial vehicles

Cheshire Constabulary has officers who are dedicated to checking the roadworthiness and legality of commercial vehicles operating on the roads.

Distractions and penalties

Driving requires your full attention at all times. Make sure that you are switched on and your phone is switched off.

Driving courses

If you have been in a road traffic incident with enough evidence to prosecute you, then we may offer you an opportunity to attend a driver improvement course.

Drink driving

Any amount of alcohol can affect your ability to drive a car safely. If you are driving, don't take the risk.

Drug driving

It is illegal to drive if your driving is impaired by drugs or if you have certain drugs above a specified level in your blood.

Motorbike safety, security and maintenance

A disproportionate number of motorcyclists are involved in collisions on roads in the UK compared to other types of road users. Be seen and be safe.

Motorway driving

Driving on the motorway can be a daunting experience for some drivers, but it is important to remember some simple driving tips to stay safe on some of the fastest roads in the county.

Submit dashcam footage

If you wish to report a driving offence that is supported by camera footage, you can submit the image/footage online with a supporting statement to be reviewed by an officer.

The 'Think' car

The 'Think' car is a vehicle which was involved in a fatal collision and is used by Cheshire Police to show people the potential consequences of drink driving.

Time trials and road races

If you are planning a cycle race/time trial you can submit details of the event plans and contact details for those involved.

Tractor road safety

All motorists must take responsibility for ensuring their own and each other's safety where agricultural vehicles are concerned.

Vehicle crime

There are a number of steps you should take which will reduce your chances of becoming a victim of vehicle crime.

Winter driving

During winter months it is important to check your vehicle and prepare for driving in a variety of extreme weather conditions.