Abnormal Loads

With vast amounts of motorway and other roads to police, Cheshire Constabulary has methods to deal with the escort and road transport of very large loads.

Abnormal loads in excess of 4.6 metreswide and more than 130 tonnes in weight require specific authorisation from the Highways Agency to operate on any road.

Notify us

Haulage companies should send Cheshire Constabulary wide load notifications via fax on 0845 359 5916 or email abnormal.loads@cheshire.pnn.police.uk. Two clear working days notice is required.


Police escorting

The routine escorting of abnormal loads by Cheshire Constabulary on roads in Cheshire is no longer a function that can be sustained and self or private escorting of the majority of loads is permitted. Self or private escorts should comply with the Highways Agency and ACPO Code of Practice.

Hauliers can be charged by Cheshire Constabulary to accompany large or difficult loads or when it is necessary to contravene road regulations. The primary role of any escort vehicle is to alert other road users and pedestrians to the presence of an abnormal load or vehicle.