Abnormal Loads

Abnormal loads can be in excess of 4.6 metres wide and up to 650 tonnes in weight which require specific authorisation from the Highways Agency to operate on any road.

Notify us

Haulage companies should send Cheshire Constabulary wide load notifications via fax on      0845 359 5916 or email abnormal.loads@cheshire.pnn.police.uk. Two clear working days notice is required. 

Police escorting

The routine escorting of abnormal loads is no longer carried out by Cheshire Constabulary. Self or private escorting of the majority of loads is permitted however they must comply with the Highways Agency and ACPO Code of Practice.

Hauliers can be charged by Cheshire Constabulary to accompany large or difficult loads or when it is necessary to contravene road regulations. The primary role of any escort vehicle is to alert other road users and pedestrians to the presence of an abnormal load or vehicle. 

Upcoming abnormal loads

Below are abnormal loads we have been made aware of. Details are subject to change.

This load will be setting off at approximately 08:00 hours from Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire. Our Road Policing Team will collect it on the A34 near Red Bull Traffic lights at approximately 1200 hours, it should take about 90 minutes to arrive at Browns Bank on the A54. The load is an electrical transformer, the total weight is 340t, the route it takes can be viewed here. Check our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the most up to date information on the day.



This load will be setting off at approximately 08:30 hours from the A54 layby to Ellesmere Port Docks at junction 8 of the M53. The load weighs 340t and the route it takes can be viewed here.

Whilst the abnormal load leaves Winsford (between 1030-1130am) there will be a closure on the A54 at the junction with the A49 stopping traffic travelling towards Winsford. This will be on for approximately five minutes.  Access to the Touring Cars along the A49 will be open at all times. During the closure access to Park Road will be from Clay Lane.

 At approximately 12:30 it will stop for 45 minutes in the layby on the A54 at Kelsall.  It is estimated it will arrive at is destination at 1500 hours. Check our Facebook and Twitter accounts, they will be updated when the closure is due to start.