Protecting Businesses Against Terrorism

Cheshire Police have a variety of tools to help businesses prepare and prevent potential terrorist acts from taking place.

The main purpose of these tools is to ensure that people are kept informed and security is maintained to the highest degree.

Some of these tools allow the individual business to experience simulated terrorist attacks through controlled mediums. These simulated exercises allow for the strengths and weaknesses of the businesses to be shown, and ultimately worked on. Ensuring that should the real thing happen, the business would know what protocol to follow and what other tactics it would need to use.

Project Griffin

Project Griffin represents an alliance that helps in the fight against terrorists, whether international or domestic. It aims to work with people who are involved in some way with the safety and security of a building, business or area and to empower them to recognise and report suspicious activity and behaviour to the police.

Project ARGUS

Project ARGUS is an interactive counter-terrorism tabletop exercise designed to put you and your business in the midst of a simulated terrorist attack as a multi-media exercise. The aim of ARGUS is to promote awareness of the terrorist threat and help make us more resilient as a community.