Project Griffin started life in 2004 with the City of London Police in association with the business community within the City. This was the beginning of what has now become an international partnership to engage, encourage and enable members to work in partnership with the police to deter, detect and counter terrorist activity and crime. It has been a resounding success impacting positively on the relationship between the Police Service and the business sector.

Project Griffin represents an alliance that assists in the fight against terrorism whether international or domestic. It aims to work with people who are involved in some way with the safety and security of a building, business or area and to empower them to recognise and report suspicious activity and behaviour to the police.

Project Griffin consists of three strands:

  • A counter terrorism awareness day which helps people to think about their own procedures and processes for dealing with certain types of incident during times of emergency.
  • A periodic communication product to the Griffin registered staff by newsletter.
  • Griffin trained personnel being utilised for 'Emergency Deployment' to staff cordons during a major incident investigation.

All attendees will receive the awareness training from police specialists providing up to the minute information on how to maximise their security contribution towards the community they work in. This will include detailed intelligence on the work of the Counter Terrorism Branch (formerly known as Special Branch), Hostile Reconnaissance, suicide bombers and how to assist should the worst happen. Trust and confidence in the ability of the Police to keep people safe will increase with the closer working partnerships.

On successful completion of the Awareness Day, each participant will receive a certificate that is signed by the Detective Superintendent Andrew Mitchell, Director of Intelligence and Detective Chief Inspector Martin Cleworth, Head of Counter Terrorism Branch, Cheshire Constabulary. They will also be provided with a lapel badge to be worn whilst on duty as a discrete overt indication of their participation in Project Griffin.

A periodic newsletter will be sent out to all key stakeholders. The purpose of this is to share appropriate counter terrorism and / or crime information.

The intention is that this information will assist Griffin personnel to support law enforcement in the prevention and detection of terrorist activity and crime. By making them aware of current information and intelligence, as well as issues or incidents affecting their particular area.

Personnel deployed under the auspice of Project Griffin will wear yellow tabards, with the Griffin logo on the front and the wording 'Cordon Support' on the rear of the tabard. These are only to be used when requested by the police and not as daily issue. The Griffin volunteers will remain under the management of their parent organisation. Griffin responders would discharge their responsibility to their employer's in respect of their duty to their place of work, only thereafter having been redirected to assist police by their employers, they would assist police to 'clear' the public away from danger toward safe cordon lines.

The success of Project Griffin relies on building relationships and sharing information. This engages and empowers participants, enabling them to become a highly effective part of the extended police family.

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