Crewe Police Contact Point


Crewe Police Contact Point
Civic Centre

Opening Times

Sunday - 21st July: 8am to 6pm
Monday - 22nd July: 8am to 8pm
Tuesday - 23rd July: 8am to 8pm
Wednesday - 24th July: 8am to 8pm
Thursday - 25th July: 8am to 8pm
Friday - 26th July: 8am to 8pm
Saturday - 27th July: 8am to 8pm

The Police Contact Point in Crewe can be found on the wall outside the entrance to Crewe Police Station.

What are Police Contact Points?

  • Police Contact Points provide an alternative way for members of the public to access police services.
  • The Contact Points are interactive touchscreen systems which have been placed in convenient locations across Cheshire to allow members of the public to speak to a Force operator via telephone or web chat.
  • The points also provide access to an A-Z database of frequently asked questions.
  • The link between the kiosk and the force control room means that the Contact Points can provide a service outside of normal police helpdesk opening hours.