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  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 8m

    Driver arrested for drink driving at Burtonwood Services #notworthit

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 15m

    4 men arrested in Merseyside this AM by Cheshire & Merseyside officers investigating Merseyside, Neston, Warrington & Grt Sutton robberies

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 8h

    Don't be tempted to hide valuable items in the glovebox or under seats #BlueChristmas

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 12h

    We are taking reports of a horse box half in lane 1 and half on the hard shoulder. #M56 west, between J12 -J14 - approach with care.

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 12h

    Thank you for taking part in #WTeport. The event has now drawn to a close. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 12h

    PCSOs spend 65% of their time walking around on patrol in Ellesmere Port and Neston. If you see them say hello #WTeport

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 12h

    Contact the police if you suffer from anti-social behaviour on 101 or in emergencies dial 999. #WTeport

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 12h

    We have close to 1,000 volunteers in Cheshire who volunteer their time to the police. Thank you all for all the time you dedicate #WTeport

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 12h

    We're now at 450 special constables in Cheshire, and it's fantastic to see people who volunteer their time for their police force #WTeport

  • cheshirepolice @cheshirepolice 13h

    A 2ft x 2ft hole has appeared in the road, Junction of Green Lane and Middlewich Road # Poynton. Police are looking into it.

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