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I'd like to seek compensation for something the police have done

Thank you. Please write to:

Legal Department
Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters
Clemonds Hey

Please ensure that your letter of claim includes the following information:

  • your full name and contact details (including postal address, phone number and your email address if applicable)

  • your police case or report number (if applicable) and as much information as you can provide about the incident in respect of which you are claiming (date, location etc)

  • the name or identity number (sometimes called a warrant number or collar number) of any officer, staff member or volunteer involved

  • your reasons for claiming compensation and the amount (even if only estimated) that you are claiming

Some civil claims will be governed by court rules, a copy of which can be found

We will investigate any genuine claim and are able to resolve most claims without the need to start legal proceedings at court.

The court expects both parties to attempt to resolve disputes without issuing proceedings at court. If you do decide to issue proceedings at court, please note that the correct name for the defendant in proceedings against Cheshire Constabulary is ‘The Chief Constable of Cheshire Constabulary’

Cheshire Constabulary Legal Department is authorised to accept service on behalf of the Chief Constable of all civil proceedings, including judicial review, civil claims and applications