On Tuesday 8th December 2020 an MPP meeting was held at Police Headquarters for a member of police staff who faced allegations of gross misconduct with regard to alleged breaches of the Standards of Professional Behaviour relating to Honesty and Integrity and Confidentiality.

The police staff member formed a relationship with an individual they had met during the course of their duty.  Having accessed the individuals details for a policing purpose – the staff member went on to conduct checks without a policing purpose, the particulars of which are as follows;

  • The member of police staff member accessed information of a charge sheet and the details of victims and witnesses in the case.
  • The member of police staff member accessed prison licence details and personal details of persons which the individual was prohibited from having contact for their protection following conviction.
  • The member of police staff member accessed sex offender registration details relating to the individual convicted.
  • The member of police staff member accessed sensitive information held on the individual and his ex-partner.

The member of police staff went on to inform their supervision that they had never searched anything in relation to the individual whom they had formed a relationship, this had been inaccurate and they had searched the details as above.

This behaviour was unacceptable, accessing information for a non-policing purpose is a breach of Data Protection and the Force Information Security Policy.  The member of police staff denied they had knowingly accessed the information without a policing purpose, and believed legitimate access to all information held in relation to the individual in question. The MPP meeting found on the balance of probability this was not the case and the police staff member had been provided the appropriate training and had acknowledge and signed the relevant information security warnings throughout their career.


Outcome: The member of police staff was dismissed without notice.