Development Opportunities

Cheshire Constabulary aims to provide development opportunities for internal staff, and therefore any role that is Scale 4 to SO2, salaries of approximately £19,000 - £31,600, will be advertised internally only first to maximise staff development opportunities.

The roles that are advertised externally are mainly at entry or professional level or they require some specialist knowledge or skills.

For roles in specialised fields, Cheshire Constabulary will provide the training required but background knowledge helps. For example, a Forensic Science degree or studies in science can help if you want to become a Crime Scene Investigator, but you would still need to attend a course set up by the Police.

Once you are employed by Cheshire Constabulary you are able to complete several different E-Learning training packages, and you may have the option to go on various courses relevant to your role.

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Further information

For more information on Police Staff development opportunities please email stating the force in which you are interested in joining.