PC to Sergeant Promotion Process 2017

Applications for the Cheshire Constabulary PC to Sergeant Promotion Process 2017 will be opening during October 2017.

Applicants who are successful through the shortlisting stage of the process will be invited to attend the assessment and interview stage. This process will see the assessment stage be in the form of a pre-prepared 10 minute presentation delivered to the interview panel prior to the competency based interview. The presentation will be scored under the competency of Professionalism and the topic is as follows:

Presentation topic: Professionalism

Cheshire Constabulary is a progressive force which holds continual professional development as a key driver in its success, ensuring operational competence and service delivery for the communities of Cheshire.

You are tasked with delivering a presentation that demonstrates your problem solving skills.  You may refer to problem solving models that you know of from training e.g. OSARA Model or others.

You will have 10 minutes to deliver your presentation which should evidence to the panel your learning, how you have embedded this in your current role and how you will continue to embed this in the role as Sergeant in Cheshire Constabulary.

Officers who are looking to apply for the Cheshire Constabulary PC to Sergeant Promotion Process 2017 are encouraged to start preparing their presentation topic at an early stage to ensure that they are able to capture all relevant evidence to meet the scope of the topic.

Further information about the process will be announced in due course, in the meantime if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email the HR Recruitment and Promotions Team.

Chief Inspector Promotion Process

Cheshire Constabulary has an exciting opportunity for individuals to join the Force as a Chief Inspector.

This is a fantastic opportunity for enthusiastic individuals who have a real interest in delivering an exceptional service to the local communities of Cheshire.

Cheshire Constabulary is an award winning Force that is continually improving the service that it delivers. As a Chief Inspector you will have a proven ability to develop and lead high performing teams on all aspects of neighbourhood policing including engagement, prevention, response and investigation.

The application process is open to substantive Inspectors from Home Office forces that are looking for promotion to the rank of Chief Inspector. The specific roles will be determined upon appointment.

This is a challenging and rigorous process. To be successful you must prove that you have the ability to make a significant contribution to Cheshire Constabulary as a Chief Inspector.

The application process opened on 7th July 2017 and application forms are available. Information in relation to this promotion process can be found in the Information Pack.

Further information

For any information about the recruitment process please email stating the force in which you are interested in joining.