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The Crewe Centre area covers Crewe Central, St Barnabas and Crewe West taking in places like the main town centre and Queens Park.

Crewe Centre Team

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Peter Wakefield


Covers Crewe Central

Charlie Taylor


Covers Crewe Central

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Policing Priorities

From 1st April 2018 to 30th April 2018 the policing priorities for this area will be

April 2018


The Beat Team will be working with retailers in the Town to reduce the numbers of thefts that are occurring by increasing our visibility in the Town and by developing crime reduction training to pass onto retail premises and their staff


Call 101 or 999 in an emergency

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April 2018


Over the last two Months there has been an increasing number of reported Anti-Social behaviour incidents reported in the vicinity of the Lifestyle centre involving either Youths or Adults drinking in Public.  The Town Centre Beat Officers will look to address this issue and reduce reported incidents 

You said, we did

From 1st March 2018 to 31st March 2018
You said:

Support the staff to ensure those attending with the purpose of causing anti social behaviour are deterred from doing so.

We did:

March 2018


We have attended at the Bowling alley in both uniform and plain clothes and engaged with the local community.

The Bowling alley now have a new policy that if you are under 18 you need to be accompanied by Family or a responsible adult after 6 p.m.  This has seen an increase in the number of incidents of anti-social behaviour

Work is also ongoing with Partner agencies to find constructive activities that those engaging in Anti-Social behaviour can get involved in 


A plea to Parents and carers.  Do you know where your children are and what they are doing?


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You said:

March 2018


There have been incidents of Anti-social behaviour reported to us around the King George Playing Fields and skate park


We did:

March 2018


P.C. Taylor and P.C.S.O. Smith during the Month have spent a couple of hours on every shift patrolling the Playing Fields and preventing Anti-Social Behaviour occurring.  As a result we have seen a significant reduction in reports to the Police. 


We are also Patrolling in plain Cars in order to catch those responsible and work is ongoing with Partner agencies to put interventions in place with the most prolific offenders in Anti-Social behaviour


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You said:

March 2018


There are people using the lifestyle centre in Crewe as a place to cause Anti-Social behaviour.  They are drinking in the vicinity and intimidating people who are accessing the Centre and its facilities.  They are entering and not using the facilities as they are intended

We did:

March 2018


We recognise that some of the People using the centre are from our homeless community and partner agencies are working with those people trying to provide assistance. 


At the start and end of their Patrols, PCSO Probin and PCSO Reeves will walk through the Centre to provide a visible presence.  From April 1st P.C.S.O. Reeves and P.C.S.O. Probin will be basing some of their time at the Centre and be available to be seen by the Community  

The library now has security present to remove any persons acting inappropriately and we are working on applying for Criminal Behaviour orders against those prolific offenders who commit the most crimes and Anti-social behaviour.  We have seen a decrease in the number of incidents reported at the Centre.  


 Anti-Social behaviour will be tackled - not tolerated


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