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The Runcorn East team cover the areas of Castlefields, Norton, Murdishaw, Brookvale and Daresbury as well as the Halton Lea shopping area and the industrial estates at Astmoor and Manor Park.

Runcorn East Team

Steve Watson


Runcorn East

Chris Maddocks


Runcorn East and West

Andy Maskell


ASB co-ordinator

Kimberley Troake


Covers Norton South

Policing Priorities

From 1st December 2017 to 31st December 2017 the policing priorities for this area will be

Runcorn LPU are committed to this year’s drink drive campaign to combat the potentially devastating effects of having a drink with family, friends or work colleagues before taking to the road.

Our advice to drivers is very clear with the message ‘none for the road’ being the most prudent approach. Please remember the following before considering having any alcoholic drink before driving:

  • Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive
  • It is not possible to say how much alcohol you can drink and stay below the limit — it depends on weight, age, sex, metabolism and of course, what you are drinking
  • The safest thing to do, is to not drink any alcohol before driving
  • If you drink drive, you risk a hefty fine, a minimum 12-month driving ban and a criminal record
  • This doesn’t reflect the everyday consequences of being caught drink driving which can include; job loss, shame and loss of independence and above all the fact that lives can be taken for the sake of having one ‘celebration’ drink.


Please be safe and don't be that person!

Runcorn LPU are still receiving reports of off-road bikes being used in the Runcorn area.  As previously stated the use of the PCSO Tasking Vehicle will continue to default to problem areas with housing associations taking robust action against tenancy breaches.  In addition,  Runcorn LPU have now issued Selecta DNA spray to PCSO and  patrol officers to uniquely 'tag' offending riders and bikes whilst they are committing offences.     




During December Runcorn LPU will be increasing officer foot patrols around retail areas to provide public reassurance and deter potential offenders, due to increased footfall and spending around this time of year. Don't give an opportunist the chance at some free gifts by leaving valuables and shopping on show in unattended vehicles!   




You said, we did

From 1st November 2017 to 30th November 2017
You said:

Local residents have requested police surgeries in the Windmill Hill area.

We did:

PCSO Griffiths and McLaughlin are currently making arrangements to start monthly surgeries in the area, which are likely to commence in the new year.  PCSO Griffiths and McLaughlin will advertise up and coming events within the local community and social media.

You said:

You reported vehicle crime offences in the Stockham Close area.

We did:

Runcorn CID conducted an investigation with two suspects arrested and charged to court in the near future. 

What are your priorities?

We pick local priorities based on feedback from the public and our knowledge of policing issues in the area.

Tell us what you want us to focus on this month using the form below. If you don't want to use the form you can come to a local meeting, call us, or speak to a local officer.

Do not use this form to report a crime or an urgent matter. If you wish to report a crime please call our non-emergency number 101 or call 999 if it is an emergency.

Your message will be sent through to the local policing team for consideration as a Policing Priority for this area.

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