Looking forward to the year ahead Date published: 28th January 2015 12am

Simon Byrne | Chief Constable

I am the Chief Constable of Cheshire Constabulary. I want to use this blog to provide information on the latest goings-on and provide updates on the future direction of policing in the county

As Christmas becomes a distant memory at the Constabulary we are looking forward to our policing year ahead with optimism.

Firstly, the most recent audited crime figures show we have the third largest fall in crime in the country – a reduction of over 4,000 victims.

That is testament to the hard work of officers and staff, special constables and volunteers. But also crucially the support we get from you to police our streets, homes and business effectively.

I never lose sight of the credo that we are citizens in uniform who police communities with your permission.

The figures are evidence that our approach, supported by a faster response and a relentless pursuit of criminals, is bearing fruit. 

Shortly, subject to final approval from the Police and Crime Commissioner John Dwyer, we will be announcing exciting plans to invest resources into Neighbourhood Policing, and tackling complex sexual/domestic crimes.

We will continue to invest in technology to fight crime and also begin a new programme of reinvestment in our police stations to signal our commitment to a presence near you.

Of course the challenge and threats remain, especially the changing nature of the terrorist threat. If you become aware of any suspicious activity in your area please contact us in the normal way or use the Counter Terrorism Hotline on 0800 789 321.