Putting plans into action Date published: 16th February 2015 12am

Simon Byrne | Chief Constable

I am the Chief Constable of Cheshire Constabulary. I want to use this blog to provide information on the latest goings-on and provide updates on the future direction of policing in the county

After months of planning behind the scenes, the new way of policing the county starts to take shape.

Following agreement of a small increase (under 2%) to the police element of the Council Tax (or £3.02 a year for a Band D property), our plans to cut costs and change how we deliver services can come to fruition. 

Even after four years of austerity, we will save £5m this year from what we pay for goods, fuel, equipment and so on. 

Everyone is in the austerity push.  A number of middle and senior manager posts will go.  However, despite the backcloth of cuts, subject to final consultation with affected staff, we plan to do a lot this year:

  • We will recruit an extra 53 Constables.
  • We will move 131 police officer posts in Headquarters jobs to roles in neighbourhood policing.
  • We will create 8 Local Policing Units – in Chester, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Macclesfield, Northwich & Winsford, Runcorn, Warrington, Widnes and to provide a framework for the delivery of our response to emergency incidents, general crime investigation and providing more bobbies on the beat for community policing and problem solving.
  • Every electoral ward will have their own named PCSO and Special Constable.
  • We will create a new command of specialists to prevent and investigate those crimes which can harm people the most, such as rape, domestic abuse and child sexual exploitation. 
  • That’s not all, after years in the doldrums, we will re-fit a number of our police stations, beginning with Runcorn and Northwich.  These will have modern, fresher help-desks for the public as well as 21st century working space for officers and staff.
  • We will continue to invest in technology to keep officers on our streets, not sitting behind desks and put crime fighting information at their fingertips to keep our streets, business and homes safer.

All of this will be wrapped around a new promise ‘We’re Here For You’ which reflects that we are your police force, accountable locally and proud to serve the people of Cheshire. 

‘We’re Here’ means new promises, such as visiting every school and place of faith at least once a month so we are more accessible and lots more too over the coming months so watch this space.

All these changes and more are really ambitious.  There will be no big overnight revolution, just a patient shift in style in the Force over the next 12 months as we wrestle with the challenges of policing the complexity of 21st century life. 

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