Welcome to Cheshire Police, David Keane Date published: 13th May 2016 12am

Simon Byrne | Chief Constable

I am the Chief Constable of Cheshire Constabulary. I want to use this blog to provide information on the latest goings-on and provide updates on the future direction of policing in the county

A key part of British policing which we guard jealously is the notion of policing by consent.

The roots of this tradition stretches back almost two centuries, but this week saw a modern extension of the principle with the election of a new Police & Crime Commissioner.

So it falls to me to say goodbye to the outgoing PCC, John Dwyer, and to thank him on behalf of the Constabulary for nearly four years of public service.

At the same time, we welcome Councillor David Keane to his new role.

David, my Deputy Chief and I met this week for the first time since the election to begin the process of understanding each other’s ideas, perspective and values for the future. This is an early step of course, but crucial to ensuring we adopt an effective working relationship whilst respecting our respective legal positions. The prize, of course, is both maintaining our focus on cracking crime and other harm which blight people’s lives, as well as seeking new ways to improve the service to the public of Cheshire.

Crime against property continues to fall, so on the agenda this year is an operational shift to do more at preventing crime which leaves real physical harm, like domestic abuse and attacks in the street, as well as ramping up our efforts to deal with the increasing reach of cybercrime.

There is much to do over coming weeks as we reset the dial with a new administration and await fresh priorities for a new Police & Crime Plan. In the meantime, to reassure you, we will of course continue to answer your calls, respond to emergencies, patrol your streets and neighbourhoods and prevent and investigate crime.

So the context remains that same but the emphasis may well shift as we develop a fresh plan. Some people dislike change and a lack of continuity, but for me it is about embracing fresh insight, ideas and challenges and being open minded as we continue with our ambition to build one of the most progressive and innovative forces in the country, rooted in communities and defined by a strong neighbourhood policing style which is, of course, where it all begins – confidence in you, the public, that we police your needs well and continue to enforce the law on your behalf, remembering that old adage of Sir Robert Peel that we are “citizens in uniform”.