999: What’s Your Emergency? Continues… Date published: 14th July 2016 11.40am

999: What’s Your Emergency? Continues to follow the work of Cheshire Police this week, with the next show set to be broadcast on Thursday 21st July.

This week’s episode looks at community spirit, which - in Warrington and Crewe, like much of the rest of the country - isn’t what it was.

Disputes and fights between neighbours are on the up and it’s the emergency services who are left stuck in the middle, trying to pick up the pieces and restore the peace. Cheshire’s emergency services are dealing with more than two and a half thousand neighbor-related incidents a year.

In Crewe, PCs Billy Elliot and Greg Greaves race to a succession of disputes and confrontations between neighbours, including a man who claims someone else has moved into his flat while he was away on holiday, arguments about noise and long-running feuds.

“It’s a nightmare, it’s a Pandora’s Box,” says PC Elliot. “Until you physically get there and open that front door you have no idea what you’re going to be confronted with. It’s amazing how people live behind closed doors.”

And while many of the 999 calls police receive might not constitute genuine emergencies, some people have good reason to fear their neighbours. PC Elliot visits a street where the second car in a week has been burnt out. All enquiries lead to one address.

“98% are hard working honest people, but there’s 2% that think they can do what they like,” says PC Elliot. “The best way of describing them, they’re like parasites, they just make a misery for everyone else around them. It’s become like a post-Apocalyptic, Mad Max kind of society, a dog eat dog world.”

Meanwhile, in Warrington PC Jon Tetlow is dispatched to investigate reports of a man acting suspiciously and frightening children. A check on the police computer reveals numerous reports of problems between the man and his neighbours. Police need to act quickly as members of the local community attempt to take matters into their own hands.