999:What's Your Emergency? Episode 7 - Money Date published: 17th August 2016 12.07pm

This week’s episode of 999:What’s Your Emergency, featuring Cheshire Police, looks at how both the haves and the have nots are being affected by crime.

PC Ross Dryden said: “Money is certainly not the root of all crime, but it’s one of the biggest contributing factors to crime. People want more money and they’ll go to desperate lengths to get it.”

In Crewe, PC Matt Ambrose is called to the home of an elderly woman who has had nearly £10,000 of her life savings stolen from her bank account. This is the victim’s first encounter with the police and she’s devastated by the crime. PC Ambrose is determined to find the perpetrator and get her money back. “She’s like your nanna,” says PC Ambrose. “How would I feel if it was my nanna or my granddad that these people had taken that amount of money from?”

In Warrington PCs Ross Dryden and Lyndsey Whitehurst are on the lookout for a repeat offender suspected of theft and assault. They spot a familiar figure and a heated arrest results in the recovery of the stolen goods. “You’ll find that you go to jobs and the same names are always popping up, “says PC Whitehurst.

Meanwhile PC Sarah Brockley is called to a smallholding in the middle of the Cheshire countryside to investigate whether foul play is involved in the disappearance of thirteen ducks. But owner Christopher is more bothered by the sentimental rather than the financial value of the ducks.

The new series of 999:What’s Your Emergency? focuses on the work of police and paramedics in Cheshire. The series follows incidents from the moment the 999 call is made to the arrival of the frontline police and paramedics – the hard-working men and women who protect us from ourselves and each other, while seeing us as we really are. They talk with honesty and wit about the ever-increasing challenges of modern Britain.

This week’s programme will be broadcast on Channel 4 on Thursday 18 August at 9pm.