Alcohol Week of Action to focus on safety for all Date published: 9th September 2015 8.06am

Officer talking to door staffIt’s the start of a new academic year and many people are heading to Cheshire to start a new chapter in their lives. Part of the new chapter falls under ‘Fresher’s Week’, with a variety of events are taking place across the county, allowing students to get to know each other and their new environment.

To coincide with this Cheshire Police are running an alcohol awareness week, starting on September 14 and finishing on September 20. Over the week there will be a number of activities taking place including licensing checks, talks at local colleges to coincide with Fresher’s week. The Police will work alongside partners such as Trading Standards to ensure premises get the help and support they need to comply with the law.

“As we start a new educational year this is a good time to refocus some of our activities around the sale of alcohol and its potential harmful effects,” said Inspector Richard Spedding. “This week Cheshire Police are running an alcohol week of action reminding people to know their limits when it comes to alcohol. We’re not telling people that they can’t drink alcohol, but to realise the implications alcohol has, not only on your health but your well-being.

“Alcohol is a part of many people’s social lives. It’s important to remember that it does affect the way you behave, and cause you to make unwise decisions, such as walking home alone. These decisions can leave you vulnerable and an easy target for criminals.

“This week isn’t about catching as many people as we can for alcohol-related crime. It’s more about ensuring everyone enjoys themselves in a safe and sensible environment, and reminding people to stay safe.”

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