Cheshire Police continue to put victims first Date published: 27th November 2015 12.31pm

Cheshire is committed to caring for all victims of crime.

That is the message being reinforced at a special event today (Friday 27th November) to mark the launch the new support service for victims provided for by Police & Crime Commissioner John Dwyer and the launch of a new victim strategy.  The event highlights the work being carried out in Cheshire to support victims.

The Commissioner and Chief Constable Simon Byrne were joined by people whose lives have been affected by crime, as well as organisations providing services for victims and Baroness Helen Newlove, who was appointed as the Victims' Commissioner in 2012.

Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire John Dwyer said:  “Every victim of crime is important.  Whether their journey with us is relatively short or one that lasts for some time it should be a meaningful and caring one.  For some victims their needs may be no more than having someone listen, know that a crime has been recorded, be provided with a crime number for insurance purposes and details of how to access services if their needs change in the future.

 “For others the impact of the crime will require emotional and practical support to help them cope and recover from the experience.  Whatever the length of contact every victim of crime deserves right level of service to meet their unique needs.  Today we have reinforced that commitment by launching the new service for victims and our victim strategy, which clearly defines our responsibilities.”

Supporting victims at what is a difficult time in their lives is of paramount importance to all criminal justice partners.  The event showcased the work being undertaken to support victims of crime through the criminal justice system and to help them cope and recover from their ordeal.

In Cheshire, victims have previously been supported by the charity Victim Support.  The new venture funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner sees the launch of Cheshire CARES. This will provide a support service for all victims of crime and be able to deliver a faster assessment of what an individual victim needs.

Mr Dwyer said:  “The launch of Cheshire CARES and the Victim’s Strategy represents an important milestone in the history of victim care in Cheshire and the support shown by Baroness Newlove shows the emphasis we place on victims here in Cheshire.  I would like to acknowledge the service that has been provided by the outgoing provider - Victim Support - who have supported victims in Cheshire for many years, and who will continue to provide specialist support to some victims of crime.”

Chief Constable Simon Byrne said: “This will allow victims to be put at the heart of policing in Cheshire and meet the requirements of the Victim’s Code of Practice.  The event today has helped to reinforce the commitment that ‘We’re Here’ to support victims.  We want people to know that if they come into contact with us as a victim or witness of crime then we are here for them.  Cheshire Constabulary remains committed to tackling crime, keeping people safe and supporting victims.”

Victims Commissioner Baroness Newlove said: “Victims need to sit at the heart of any service designed to help and support them. Cheshire Cares will help many victims of crime to reach the support and advice available to them. These services are important to ensure the victim is not forgotten in the criminal justice process."