Jail for man who breached his ban 40 times Date published: 8th July 2016 9.47am

A 45 year old man, has been given a prison sentence and a five year CBO (Criminal Behaviour Order) after he continued to breach his Chester pub watch banning order up to 40 times.

At a hearing at Chester Crown Court on Tuesday 28 June, Karl Nield, of Shrewsbury Way in Chester, was sentenced to 52 weeks in jail for breaching a sexual harm prevention order and had a CBO imposed on him for causing alarm and distress to staff at pubs across Cheshire as well as the public while under the influence of alcohol.

Nield was given his first Chester Pub watch ban in 2012 and continued to break it while also regularly ringing 999 for non-police and emergency service matters.

As part of his conditions, the court has ordered Nield must not enter any public house licensed premises and licensed nightclubs in Chester and to only use 999 to report an emergency.

PC Kevin Ross, from the Chester Anti-Social Behaviour Unit, said: “Nield has unfortunately taken no notice of the pub watch ban given to him.

“He has continued to cause distress and alarm to a number of staff working in the public houses of Chester and to members of the public in Chester City Centre.

“This order is a last resort in order to protect the public and prevent Nield from causing further harassment to people going about their daily business.”

Community Safety Officer, Sam Chapman of the Chester Anti-Social Behaviour Unit, added: “We have attempted to intervene with Nield on a number of occasions following reports of his anti-social behaviour in Chester.

“The intervention meetings and contracts were a last chance for him to make change. Unfortunately he did not obey to the contracts and continued to cause members of the public and licensees alarm, harassment and distress.

“The prohibitions within the order, provide Nield with clear direction and hopefully will prevent him from causing further anti-social behaviour in Chester.

“We will continue to work with Chester Pub watch to make Chester licensed premises safer.”