Keeping Cheshire’s roads safe this summer Date published: 27th July 2016 4.22pm

Now that all of the schools have broken up for summer there’s likely to be more cyclists and pedestrians out and about on Cheshire’s roads.

That’s why the Cheshire Roads Policing team are reminding all drivers to take extra care when driving.

Inspector Steve Griffiths said: “Pedestrians and cyclist are extremely vulnerable and if they are involved in a collision death or serious injury is a real possibility. That is why we want to persuade drivers of cars, vans and lorries to keep an eye open for cyclists and pedestrians, to avoid putting people in danger. 

“As well drivers, cyclists can also help to protect themselves by ensuring that they lights fitted to their bikes; wear protective helmets and wear high visibility clothing. Pedestrians can also help themselves by ensuring that they stick to the footpaths where possible and look carefully when crossing the road.”

The warmer weather also attracts a large number of motorcyclists to Cheshire’s country roads. So far this year there has already been five fatal collisions involving motorcyclists, including two in the past fortnight.

Inspector Griffiths added: “It’s important to remember that the investigations in relation to the recent collisions are still on-going; and it would be wrong to imply any blame at this stage.

“However, no matter what the cause, motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable of road users and the number of fatal collisions this year highlights this fact.

"We are urging all motorcyclists to take extra care while out on the roads and to take responsibility for their own safety. We will target the small number of motorcyclists who consistently use excessive speed, and they will be dealt with robustly."

Throughout the summer the Cheshire Roads Policing team will be running a number of road safety operations across the county. To find out what’s taking place in your area follow @CPTaskforce on twitter.