Making Warrington Town Centre safer Date published: 2nd September 2016 8.39am

Recent crime figures show that Warrington Town Centre is becoming a safer place for people to come and enjoy a social evening out in the town centre.

For the period covering April to June 2016 incidents of more serious violence and anti-social behaviour throughout the night are down by 26 % on the same period last year, incidents of more serious violence and anti-social behaviour between 3am – 7am for the same period have shown a considerable reduction of 46 %.

Working in partnership with Warrington Borough Council, Police led operations which took place earlier in the year have had a positive effect on reducing the levels of violence and made the streets of Warrington Town centre safer for people enjoying a night out.

Sergeant Horton stated: “Cheshire Police have been working closely with Warrington Borough Council, members of Warrington town centre Pub Watch and Licensed premises to ensure that premises are operating responsibly, within the law and taking the necessary steps to prevent and reduce crime and disorder.

“The work is on-going, however we are pleased to see a clear reduction in crime and disorder and anti-social behaviour which contributes in making Warrington town centre a safer and more enjoyable place for people to enjoy a night out.

“I would like to reassure local residents that we will continue to work closely with all interested parties to ensure that standards continue to improve, which will benefit both the trade and general public.”