Motorcyclist caught speeding at nearly 150mph Date published: 1st September 2015 10.22am

A man from Stockport has been found guilty of dangerous driving after travelling at nearly 150 miles per hour on a Cheshire road.

Johnathon Christopher Booth was riding his Suzuki GSXR750 motorbike along the A556, Northwich Bypass, Hartford, when he was caught by officers from Cheshire Police travelling at 147mph in a 70 mph zone.

The incident took place at approximately 2.12pm on Sunday, March 22, as Booth was travelling towards Chester on the westbound carriageway of the A556 close to the picnic area at Hartford.

Booth, 27, of Oriel Close, Heaviley, Stockport, was found guilty of dangerous driving at Chester Magistrates Court on Thursday, August 27. He was sentenced to 12 month riding ban, a £450 fine, £550 in costs and £45 surcharge.

Inspector Liz Cunningham from the Cheshire Police Roads Policing team said: “I have been an officer for over 20 years and this is one of the most dangerous speeding cases my team have ever dealt with.

“Booth has been riding motorbikes for the past 10 years and there is absolutely no excuse for his behaviour on that day. Not only did booth endanger his own life but also the lives of other innocent road users.

“The A556 is an extremely busy road which is used by local residents and motorists travelling between Chester and Manchester and accessing the motorway network. Although the road is a dual carriageway, there are a number of junctions, roundabouts and traffic lights as the road bypasses Northwich, and over the years my team has dealt with a number of serious and fatal collisions along this stretch of road.

“Thankfully in the case of Booth, a collision did not occur; although I have no doubt that that had a collision taken place it would have been fatal. Travelling at such speeds on a public road does not allow a driver or rider to travel safely so they can deal with common place events on the road, such as changes in driving conditions and actions taken by other road users.”

Officers who were investigating the case estimated that had it been necessary for Booth to make an emergency stop, he would have required a stopping distance of 368 metre’s. Roughly the size of three football pitches and nearly four times the distance required for a motorbike travelling at 70mph.

Inspector Cunningham added: “I want to remind all road users that the behaviour shown by Booth on that date is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated in Cheshire.

“The Cheshire Police Roads Policing team work across the county seven days a week, 365 days a year and we are committed to making Cheshire roads safer and anyone who is caught flouting the laws will be dealt with.”