Officers in Chester continuing work with Operation Centurion Date published: 16th September 2015 7.40am

Chester was a hive of activity over the weekend, with the Autumn Betfair Festival taking place at Chester Races and local officers continuing their crime prevention and awareness work as part of Operation Centurion.

Constable Ben Jones, the City Centre Beat Manager said, “Over the two day period more than 23,000 came to Chester. I want to thank all those who came for their good behaviour, and local residents for their patience.”

On Friday 11 September approximately 7,600 spectators attended and enjoyed the event. One person was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

On Saturday 12 September approximately 15,250 spectators attended with three arrests being made (one for assault and two for drug offences), and one dispersal notice was issued.

Over the weekend officers from Chester Local Policing Unit assisted by members of the Special Constabulary ran an operation focusing on begging and related anti-social behaviour in the city. Plain clothed officers targeted individuals who were causing a nuisance to the public.

Constable Ben Jones added, “The operation was a success with four people reported for summons in relation to begging offences, and officers obtained valuable intelligence for future operations in the city.

“Some people, who beg on the streets of Chester, do it professionally. They have accommodation that they stay in, but they choose to spend some of their time out on the street.

Our advice would be to give someone who is on the street something to eat or drink instead of money, as this can be more beneficial to them.”

In addition to tackling begging issues, other individuals were dealt with for drug offences and dispersal notices issued.