Prolific offender handed indefinate Criminal Behaviour Order Date published: 27th January 2016 3.04pm

A prolific offender from Chester who has a history of stealing high value bicycles has been sentenced to 15 months in prison and handed an indefinite Criminal Behaviour Order.

Connor Patrick Lloyd 30/3/92, from the Blacon area of Chester was arrested on 11 November 2015 after an incident at an address in Hoole where a couple were assaulted after they confronted a man who has broken in to their garage.

Following questioning Lloyd was subsequently charged with two counts of assault and burglary other than a dwelling, as well as additional theft and criminal damage offences.

Lloyd appeared at Chester Crown Court on 15 January 2015 after pleading guilty to all of the offences and was sentenced to 15 months in prison by Judge Dutton.

In addition to the custodial sentence Judge Dutton also granted an application for a Criminal Behaviour Order.

The order, which is for an indefinite period, prohibits Lloyd from undertaking the following behaviours upon his release from prison: 

  1. Entering the garden, yard or driveway of any private dwelling without the expressed consent of the owner/occupier.
  2. Being in possession of any bicycles, power tools, gardening equipment, games console or games, fishing equipment, without a valid receipt or where he can prove that he has the permission of the owner to use the item.
  3. Carrying any items used to graffiti including spray paints, squeeze markers, marker pens, shoe dye and nitro based ink pens, nor items which would enable etching of a tag on property in England and Wales.
  4. Not to use cycle path namely greenway as defined on the attached map

Sam Chapman, Cheshire West and Chester Community Safety Officer, who works within the Chester ASB Unit, said “This order is a preventative order, the conditions of which are designed to stop Lloyd committing offences.

“Lloyd has no consideration at all on the effect his behaviour has on people in Chester and this order is completely necessary to protect the public who have a right to feel safe in their own homes and to protect their own property.”

DS Ian Smith, from Chester Local Policing Unit, added; “Lloyds behaviour has been totally deplorable, not only did he break into private properties, but he also used violence in the commission of this crime.

“This is not acceptable and I hope that the order that is now in place helps to prevent other Chester residents from becoming victims of his crimes.”