Surprise party marks Betty's 50th anniversary at Force Date published: 30th May 2017 8.26am

A surprise party was held in Nantwich to mark 50 years since May ‘Betty’ Chesters first started working for Cheshire Constabulary.

Betty was aged 28 when she joined the Force as a tea lady and cleaner back in 1967. She initially worked at the old station in Nantwich on Welsh Row before moving to Beam Street.

She was renowned for her cooked breakfasts and still stays on to make tea and toast for the officers in her own time.

On Wednesday, 17 May a surprise party was held at the Civic in Nantwich to mark the special anniversary.

Betty said: “The party was a huge shock. I was told I was helping out at a charity function with the buffet and when I walked in my legs turned to jelly and my stomach turned.

“But it was a lovely surprise and it was great to see a lot of old friends as well as the people I work with now.”

Betty was also handed a Lifetime Achievement Award at last year’s ACE Awards for her fantastic service to the Force.

Speaking about her time working at the Constabulary she added: “I’ve always enjoyed my job and it’s been great to work with lots of wonderful people. The time has gone so quick but I’ve got no plans to retire. I’m going for the next 50 years!

“I’m really lucky to be in good health and I plan to carry on working for as long as I can. I enjoy every minute and really appreciate all the kind messages and gifts I’ve had.”

Betty’s colleagues, past and present also sent in some special messages to mark the occasion. Here is a selection of them…

"You’re a second mum to most of us. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us"
PSCO Sharon Jones

"Thanks for everything Betty. You’re a diamond"
PCSO Steph Reeves

"Nantwich is always a pleasure to visit when you’re there. You’re our National Treasure"
PC Amy Fletcher

"Thank you so much for the years of toast and tea making. You have made the start of my career a fattening one"
PC Vicky Howell

"Fifty is a big number Bet! But you’ve done it well. Thank you for all you have done"
Retired officer Pete Benningwood

"Lovely to know that you’re still looking after the nick after all this time"
Retired officer Ken Maple