Zip it this Christmas say Cheshire Police Date published: 30th November 2016 11.57am

All we want for Christmas is for you to zip it! That’s the message from Cheshire Police this year.

We want you to stay vigilant when you’re out buying your pressies and festive feasts and keep your valuables secure.

While you’re hunting down the turkey and treats for friends and family, remember to keep your eye on your surroundings - don't be distracted, because that’s what the thieves are relying on.


Superintendent Kevin Bennett said: "While you’re understandably in the thick of it shopping for the biggest day of the year we don't want you to be a target for unscrupulous thieves who either use distraction or force to get your phone, cash or cash cards.

“Take heed of crime prevention advice, and keep an eye on your purse or wallet at all times – if you’ve a bag make sure its closed and secure.”

By taking a few simple precautions you can deter thieves:

  • Keep hold of your phone and purse or wallet, and if you have a bag, make sure it’s zipped up or secure with your valuables safely inside. If your bag is snatched, let it go, your safety is more important than your property.
  • Attach an audible alarm to your purse/wallet (for example jingle bells)
  • Don’t leave your bag unattended in your car or in your shopping trolley.
  • Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder when you’re using you cards either at the till or at an ATM.
  • Make sure you’re not followed or engaged in conversation by someone who might be looking for an opportunity to steal from you.

Shoppers are also being urged to keep their Christmas presents under wraps while out and about shopping. Don’t be tempted to leave newly bought presents in your car unattended while you continue with your shopping. Thieves have been known to target drivers who have left presents on display in their cars.

Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, David Keane, said: "By taking some simple precautions you can help to prevent yourself from becoming a victim so I would encourage everyone to read and listen to the advice from the Constabulary. Officers on the frontline will be working hard over the festive period ensuring they’re on hand if you need them and helping to keep you safe this Christmas."

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Anyone with information about crime in your area should contact Cheshire Police on 101, in emergencies dial 999. Alternatively information can be left anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111