Cheshire Constabulary is required by law to carry out gender pay reporting under the Equality Act 2010. Read our latest gender pay gap report.

Closing the gender pay gap

Attracting more women officers into the Cheshire police family is one of our priorities. Here’s how we aim to make it happen.

Take positive action to encourage women applicants

‘Positive action’ is a provision in the Equality Act 2010. It allows us to use special measures to attract and promote applicants who may otherwise be under-represented or disadvantaged because of their sex (or a range of other protected characteristics including age, pregnancy & maternity, race, religion, sexual orientation and gender reassignment).

Develop knowledge, skills and confidence

Our Insight Programme is designed to support women (along with others from under-represented groups) through the applications process. We offer these applicants a Buddy, to encourage, support and ease their journey through the first couple of years as an officer.

Encourage more women to stay with the force

We’re doing this by reviewing the content of exit interviews over recent years and analysing women’s reasons for leaving. By understanding these trends, we can find ways to do things differently in the future.

Understand why more women haven’t applied for promotion

We’re reviewing the reasons why qualified female officers eligible for promotion haven’t felt confident enough to advance their careers by applying for those jobs. By doing this we’re hoping to see more women in senior roles. In turn, this will highlight the career paths available to women within the force.

Provide special career development support for women

We’re encouraging our women officers to take advantage of the coaching or mentoring systems available within Cheshire Constabulary and with other police forces. Our ASPIRE mentoring programme gives women and those from under-represented groups the opportunity to work with a coach and develop their skills to either be more confident and effective in their current role, or for promotion/progression.

Promote family-friendly benefits

We’re working to promote these policies and apply them fairly. They include shared parental leave and opportunities for part-time and flexible working.

Continue being a Living Wage employer

The real Living Wage rate is independently calculated every year. By paying the real Living Wage Foundation rate, we’re ensuring that our employees earn a salary that’s enough for them to live on, based on the Living Wage campaign’s research.

Cheshire Constabulary paid the real the Living Wage between April 2019 and March 2021. Since April 2021, we have paid all of our employees more than the rate recommended by the Living Wage campaign.