The Multi-Force Shared Service (MFSS) is a back office shared service developed through a collaboration between Cheshire Constabulary,  Northamptonshire Police, Nottinghamshire Police and Civil Nuclear Constabulary.  The organisations utilise a private sector System Integrator, Capgemini, to configure and integrate a shared instance of Oracle ERP defined as t-Police. 

Following extensive Due Diligence and Solution Confirmation phases with Capgemini, Cheshire Constabulary and Northamptonshire Police, the founding organisations, agreed their business cases for the development of a Shared Service in August 2011. The MFSS went live on April 1st 2012, delivering a range of transactional back office services in HR, Accounts, Purchasing and Payroll to both organisations. Over the next two years, the MFSS reached a steady state with a transactional shared service centre team based at Cheshire Police Headquarters in Winsford with the MFSS Payroll bureau service based in Northampton.  The MFSS then welcomed their third force, Nottinghamshire Police, in April 2015 and now delivers transactional services across all three organisations and their respective PCCs. 

The on-boarding of additional organisations into the shared service collaboration is on a cost-sharing basis, sharing not only the technology but also the full range of back office business services that presents significant economies of scale in both the business processes and the underlying shared technology.  This allows the MFSS to become an increasingly cost effective “best in class” enterprise solution in an environment where such a solution would be cost prohibitive for an individual organisation.

Further information is available on the Multi-Force Shared Service website.