The front line of the criminal justice system is a challenging place to be. Could you be there when Cheshire’s communities need you?

By joining us you can help us make a difference – simply by being the individual that you are.

No two days are the same for our officers

Another shift, another incident. Thanks to their training and the support they receive as part of the Cheshire Constabulary family, our officers have the confidence to deal with whatever the next call brings.

It could be a crime, fear of crime, public disorder, community tensions, family feuds, a missing person, a sudden death, abuse of adults or children ―and many more occasions where people need the reassurance that police officers provide.

Professionalism with the human touch

You'll also have a key role in guiding and protecting victims or witnesses who may well have had a distressing experience.

To handle all these demands effectively, officers must have empathy – understanding the points of view of a diverse range of communities and to address their particular needs.

What makes a good police constable?

Our officers come from a wide range of backgrounds, but they all share certain characteristics. Could you say ‘yes’ to all these?

Cheshire officers are…

  • Honest people who believe in doing the right thing
  • Determined to do their job well
  • Physically fit – offenders have a habit of running away
  • Caring enough to deal with people sensitively and tactfully
  • Confident communicators
  • Quick to understand situations when making decisions
  • Team players who can also work independently when needed
  • A force where you can be you

The Government's Uplift Programme aims to bring 20,000 extra police officers onto Britain's streets by March 2023.

We’re keen to recruit officers who are local people with a wide range of personal experiences and a true understanding of Cheshire’s different social, racial and cultural issues.

Also, through our commitment to Equality and Diversity, we’re making sure that Cheshire’s community policing better reflects the public it serves.

This means welcoming more women, older age groups, people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds, LGBT+ and those living with a disability.

We want great officers and we also encourage individuality. We want you to be you.

What is the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship?

This is a new, exciting opportunity open to all individuals with the passion, drive and enthusiasm to succeed in making Cheshire a safe place for all of our communities.

Essentially, you will have day-to-day responsibilities as well as on-the-job, practical training and academic work all at the same time.

Open to non-degree holders, this three-year apprenticeship programme provides you with the opportunity to learn as you earn and achieve a BSc (Hons) degree in Professional Policing on successful completion.

You’ll be employed as an officer from day one, making a difference to our communities here in Cheshire while being fully supported in applying your learning practically on the Job. This programme will be delivered in partnership with the University of Chester, attending the Warrington Campus.