Transfer my assessment score to Cheshire Constabulary

As part of the recruitment process, Cheshire Constabulary will consider applications from individuals who have achieved an overall pass mark of 50% within the past 24 months at a SEARCH Assessment Centre, Day ONE or have achieved a pass mark at the Online Assessment.

If you have attended an assessment within the last 24 months, meet the national standard of 50% or above and our eligibility criteria then we would be happy to consider your application and request that you contact us prior to applying for further advice and guidance.


Due to the large number of applications we envisage to receive we are not in a position to provide any feedback in relation the application form or interview. If candidates would like to receive feedback on the assessment centre, you will have to contact the College of Policing direct.

Giving notice

You are strongly advised not to hand your notice into your current employer until you have received your formal offer. Successful candidates will receive their Formal Offer of Employment once all pre-employment checks have been successfully completed and an intake date confirmed.


Any tattoos which could be construed as being offensive to any religion or belief, is in any way discriminatory, violent or intimidating, will not be accepted to join the Constabulary. If you have tattoos located on your hands, neck, forearms or face, you must provide two photographs of each tattoo. The first photograph must be a close-up of the tattoo. All tattoos are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Generally, visible tattoos are unacceptable if they could offend others and/or indicate discriminatory attitudes. Applicants whose tattoos are deemed racist, sexist or homophobic will not be accepted.

Contacting us about your application

Regular updates will be provided but candidates can also contact us about their application. Please don't call 999 or 101 in relation to your application.

Age limit

To be eligible to apply, you must be at least 17 old years at the point of application. If you turn 17 after the closing date for applications, you won't be eligible. If you are 17 at the point of application, it is important to note that you will need to be 18 before you can start in the position.

There is no maximum age limit on applications, candidates are required to be both physically fit and healthy to perform policing duties safely and effectively.

Commuting distance

If not in a commutable distance to Cheshire Constabulary you may need to consider moving to an area closer to work as if successful through the recruitment process you may be posted to any of our Local Policing Units across Cheshire.

Changes in circumstance

Any significant changes in personal circumstances during your application, such as permanent partner, new residents at your home, change of address, arrests, cautions or convictions or association with criminals you should contact us.

Medical history

Each application is considered on an individual basis and reviewed by our Occupational Health Department.

Probationary period

The probationary period for a police constable apprentice is three years. This gives you the time to complete your degree.

Working hours

Police officers work a 40 hour week. Depending on where you are posted, the shift patterns may vary. A shift pattern will consist of early shifts, late shifts, night shifts, bank holidays and weekend shifts.

Operational demands may require your rostered shift/rest days to be cancelled and re-scheduled at short notice.

Part-time work

The initial three year probationary period is full-time. Once your probation has been confirmed a request for flexible working can be made.