The role

Independent advisory group members are committed to improving relationships between the police and communities, by using their expertise and life experiences to objectively appraise policies, procedures and operational activities.

Members are able to communicate the culture and practices of their communities to the police force and make unemotional assessments of situations on which they are asked to provide an independent perspective and act as a critical friend.

Independent Advisory Group

The IAG is committed to working with Cheshire Constabulary in order to provide an independent voice in representing the interests of minority communities. The IAG embraces the opportunity to provide an independent view on local community issues and welcomes the chance to be influential in shaping police service provision.

By being independent, members are able to see things from a different perspective and can anticipate how police responses to problems may be interpreted by the communities of Cheshire.

IAG members are recruited to represent all diverse and underrepresented groups across Cheshire, whilst attracting candidates with the best possible skills and experience.

Recruitment is targeted at diverse groups and is open to the general public who match any of the BAME or under represented communities within Cheshire.

Meetings are held at Police Headquarters, Winsford. For 2hrs Bi monthly, and some calls and meetings may be added short notice depending on force needs. Interested parties must be able to travel to this location.

Get involved

If you would like to represent your minority community in a volunteering role, please complete the Volunteer recruitment questionnaire below and email it to us.