This is Ben.

Ben has been a Special Constable with Cheshire for eight years. His most recent role has seen him working in our Roads and Crime unit.


“Originally, I joined the specials as a way to get some policing experience and a better understanding of what’s involved prior to applying to become a paid police officer. Since then my personal circumstances around my career changed, and so I decided against joining full time, but continue as a ‘career special’.

“My family are proud of the work I do with the specials and what I’ve achieved with my time at Cheshire Police. They do sometimes worry about some of the situations I encounter, but I couldn’t ask for a better support network of family and friends.

“My employer has been nothing but supportive, accommodating and understanding with regards to my role in the police.”

Thank you to Ben and all of our volunteers who provide an excellent and valuable service to the force and the public of Cheshire 

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