Positive action refers to a range of measures and/or initiatives an employer can legitimately take to actively encourage individuals from under-represented groups to apply. This is not a legal obligation for employers but provisions have been made under the Equality Act 2010 to support underrepresentation where required.

Under-represented groups include:

  • Females
  • Those from a Black or Minority Ethnic (BME) background, including non-visible ethnic minorities such as Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Gypsy/Traveller’s
  • Individuals from the LGBT community
  • People with disabilities
  • All other characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010.

Positive action is often confused with positive discrimination, which generally means employing someone because they come from an under-represented group in spite of whether they have the relevant skills and qualifications, and is unlawful. Our selection and promotion processes are no different whether individuals identify under a protected characteristic or not; we will always take the best applicants for the job.

Positive Action initiatives active within Cheshire Constabulary

Our Insight Programme is a pre-recruitment programme offered to potential future officers and staff who are aged 18 and above, giving them an insight into the Constabulary and the recruitment process. The programme enables individuals to learn more about the force, improve confidence, develop presentation and communication skills and provide awareness of the process in relation to the recruitment of various roles. Visit our Insight Programme page for further information and details of how to express your interest to attend.