Before registering your interest in a role, please check that the role is not currently available on our current vacancies page.

If the role is not currently available, and you would like to be notified when the role opens for applications, please register your interest by clicking the link in the box below. It will open an email - do not change the email subject line or email address. Doing so could cause your email to go to the wrong department.

Please write within the email that you are interested in the fast-track Detective recruitment; once applications are due to open, we will be in touch.

Your Privacy

We will retain a copy of your interest for the purposes of future prospective recruitment and statistical analysis. We rely on ‘legitimate interests’ as a GDPR lawful basis for keeping a copy of the information you provide to us and will store a copy of your interest for up to 2 years, deleting emails sooner where possible. We will not share the details you provide with any other organisation, nor will we make any automated decisions or profiling based on this information.

If you register your interest and change your mind at a later date, you can contact us by email and ask us to delete your information. Further information about your data protection rights, how we handle personal information and how to contact our Data Protection Officer, can be found on our privacy notice.