If you would like to be a Special Constable with Cheshire you must be:

At least 18 years old

A British citizen, a Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of the Irish Republic or a Foreign National with unrestricted right of residence in the UK

Resident for three consecutive years in UK prior to application

Be able to pass a fitness test and pre-employment checks including medical checks (biometrics, DNA, drug screening)

Meet the eyesight standard. With effect from 16th September 2019, the Eye Sight Standards for those who are interested in joining the Constabulary as a Police Constable or Special Constable have changed. For details please see the gov.uk website.

Prepared to work shifts and serve anywhere in the Cheshire area

Dedicated to providing a service to the people of Cheshire and be prepared to uphold the Police Service Statement of Common Purpose and Values

Not be in a job that would be considered a conflict of interest to the role.

The Standards required of a Police Officer are laid out nationally in the Code of Ethics, which can be accessed via the College of Policing website.

For any information about the eligibility criteria, please email us.

Jobs considered incompatible with the role of a special constable

Please check the list below to ensure that your current employment will not prevent your application from proceeding. You should not make an application to join Cheshire Police if you work in any of the below roles:

  • Serving members of HM Armed Forces*
  • Members of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force
  • Royal Naval Auxiliary Service
  • The National Hospital Service Reserve
  • Members of the fire service, unless written permission is given by their Chief Officer.
  • Traffic Wardens and School Crossing Patrols
  • Members of employers’ police forces and private constabularies
  • Magistrates
  • Clerks to justices and clerks to courts
  • Probation officers
  • Youth workers and social workers involved in the administration of criminal law
  • Bailiffs, warrant officers, private detectives and inquiry agents
  • Custody escort officers
  • Security personnel, guards and doormen*
  • Anyone working for a security company*
  • Employees of security organisations*
  • Neighbourhood and Street Wardens and other uniformed Patrol Wardens
  • Police Community Support Officers
  • Prison custody officers (Prison Officers are eligible, but only with written permission from their Prison Governor)
  • A local authority parking warden
  • Persons taking an active part in politics
  • Highways Agency Traffic Officers (and traffic officers who are employed by other organisations, such as Vehicle and Operators Services Agency)
  • Border and Immigration officers with powers of arrest
  • Customs Officers
  • Barristers, Solicitors and Judges
  • Members of Police Authorities
  • Transport Network Revenue Protection Inspectors
  • Local Authority field officers e.g.: trading standards officers
  • Civilian enforcement officers
  • Vehicle removal officers

If you are applying for or seriously considering a job in any of the above occupations, please think carefully before you apply for the  Special Constabulary

If you start a job in any of the above occupations at any point during your application, or if there are changes in any of the information you provide in your application, you MUST inform us immediately.

* Enquire with us regarding these occupations or if you feel that your present occupation may preclude you prior to submitting your application form.